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Asia Tungsten Products (Vietnam) Ltd in the field of environmental protection

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Recognizing the importance of environmental protection to the working environment, public health officials and staff surroundings areas

Asia Tungsten Products (Vietnam) Ltd.,  always abide by the provisions of the Law on Environmental Protection, investment funds, strengthen the supervision and protection of the environment of the Company periodically; Investment system of modern production line, synchronous, friendly environment and has been the Department of Science and Technology of Hai Phong digital certificate May 5, 2013; Vinh Bao DPC certificate is committed to protecting the environment so13/GXN-UBND April 15, 2010

Panorama of green plant system

In the production process : The entire factory was built high , airy layout of the information and the inlet to optimally utilize the natural heat . Temperature and emission arising in the area of ​​electric arc furnaces is collected and processed by the system thoroughly cyclone wet exhaust treatment . Clean exhaust gases into the atmosphere, truongqua 18 m high chimney was installed in sync with the production line of the company .

The production of solid waste , domestic waste is collected and processed in accordance with the current regulations ; Particularly hazardous waste , the company has been the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Hai Phong register of all hazardous waste hazardous waste hazardous waste management code number 28/2013/SDK-STNMT 31.000680 March 27, 2013 ; 01 warehouse layout kept separate hazardous waste containers arranged with each type of hazardous waste , can stretch and code name to avoid waste and this waste to each other , at the same time , the company signed a contract to collect , transport and handling of hazardous waste with JSC environmental Security technology for the collection and processing ; report on the management of hazardous waste with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Hai Phong for monitoring and surveillance .

Every 6 months / 1 time , the Company carried out in conjunction with other functional units to the monitoring and analysis of environmental air , waste water environment under the supervision of the room to participate Resources and Environment Vinh Security , project management Unit and city departments concerned to assess the environmental impact from manufacturing operations of the Company .

Environmental monitoring activities

In particular , the company spent 50 % of the total land area is to conduct tree planting , lawn just regulate temperature , humidity increases , creating wind , making healthy urban environment : Reduce toxic gas , reduce dust , sterilize , reduce noise and contribute to formation of landscape and environment sector environment green , clean and beautiful .

Thus can be seen that the operating environment as well as production and business environment of the company has always been focused investment , strengthening measures to track , monitor , and improve the coordination environment combined report properly and promptly with the grant , the branch manager of the city environmental protection objectives for sustainable development , manufacturing safety , clean environment and in particular the Company's development orientation of the city