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Vietnam has tungsten producers

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Nui Phao Tungsten - Tungsten Ore Supply in Vietnam Nam.Nganh refined mineral Vietnam has officially welcome the participation of new members

 Refining Co. Nui Phao Tungsten - HC Starck, a joint venture between Mining Co. Nui Phao Mining Processing, a subsidiary of JSC Masan with HC Starck - mineral processing group a number of German industry and the world. 

Accordingly, this joint venture will build a refinery with a designed capacity of 10,000 tons of raw material per year, to refine the ore of tungsten enriched Nui (existing tungsten content of 65% ) and the kind of refined purity tungsten products with higher added value.

A corner entrance area tungsten and repair workshop

But more importantly , this is a turning point for the Nui Phao project in particular and mining and mineral processing in Vietnam in general .

The plant went into operation will contribute to realizing the goal of building and developing mining industry , mineral processing with modern technology , suitable conditions of Vietnam , improve mineral recovery factor and the level of deep processing of minerals .

Why H.C. Starck ' sharp object' and Masan ?

H.C. Starck is a name not unfamiliar to the global mining , this company has always been considered the industrial mineral production requires high technical top in the world , with over 100 years experience surface production , business and technology .

H.C. Starck has nearly 3,000 employees and operations worldwide sales in 2012 of more than $ 1.1 billion . The Group owns 140 researchers and development ( R & D ) worldwide , with more than 900 patents .

Back to Masan , according to a survey by Cube Consulting , comply with the provisions of the JORC Code , is one of the Nui Phao tungsten deposits have been identified the world's largest outside China with 52.5 million tonnes of ore contained WO3 ( tungsten trioxide ) grade of 0.21 % .

In addition, the Nui Phao is one of the production units and acid fluorspar world's largest bismuth . This area has potential for additional exploration prolong the life of the mine operators currently stands at 16 years . In other words , within 3 years from the Nui Phao " about the " Masan has become a business model for mining and mineral processing in Vietnam , meets the high standards of the mining industry world .

Therefore , this combination is aiming to build a tungsten refining business leading not only in Vietnam but also in the world . That's not to mention , the Nui Phao annual output can supply up to 7 % of global supply of tungsten , positive contribution in stabilizing the price of tungsten on a global scale .

Also, according to Mr. Andreas Meier , Chairman and CEO of HC Starck " Masan have a business development and exploitation of mineral processing and world -class mine will be a source of stable supply of raw materials for the joint venture ."

Masan - one more hit the target release name

One of the biggest successes of Masan this deal is over , the involvement of HC Starck , as Masan solved the conundrum " how to enhance the value -added from the Nui Phao " . The establishment of a joint venture with the leading names in the world of technology , this project is convincing answer right under the strategy of the Government of Vietnam on deep processing of minerals in general and project Nui Phao achieve higher added value in the value chain in particular tungsten .

Next to mention " plus point " of Masan in negotiations to form a joint venture , with its stake in Masan : HC Starck 51:49 respectively , Masan just take advantage of modern technology , global brand partners , but retains " identity management " of the project in accordance orbit operation of the system administrator Masan .

Third, more importantly , in addition to owning optimization technology , the HC Starck was a strategic buyer , by demand large volumes of tungsten this group . Thus , the " married " same H.C. Starck will ensure sustainable output for Nui Phao and help realize Masan " committed to increasing the value of the Nui Phao project with previous investors ."

Therefore, this is a rare project when all 3 factors resources ( Nui ) technology and markets ( HC Starck ) are integrated together . This creates a strong platform competition and limit risk to the joint venture company . We can say , here is a combination of strategic and high value resonance .

New landmark for refined mineral industry Vietnam

Currently, a mineral refining industry has great potential , but in the form of a new " hidden beauty " . That's not to mention , in early 2013 , the Fraser Institute released a survey result shows that Vietnam is considered to be among the few countries where the business environment for mining less attractive kind in the world .

Therefore , the Masan Resources " pull " the HC Starck into Vietnam market , is considered to be a spectacular success , helping to improve the image of the investment environment in Vietnam minerals industry .

Finally , the event was once again provided an object lesson to demonstrate the correctness of the state in limiting the export of raw minerals .

Obviously , Vietnam enterprises can fully deep processing and export of minerals with high added value . Spectacular landmark Nui has done in three years shows the depth and professionalism of a Vietnamese enterprise , and a highlight for painting exploitation and processing of minerals Vietnam .

Bao Giang